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Our Expertise

We offer a complete range of tax planning and preparation services to help individuals and businesses ensure their compliance with all the necessary tax filings and reduce the overall taxation allowed by law. We are con- tinually involved in professional education in order to stay current with new legislations, tax laws, and pro- vide our clients with the most comprehensive tax strategies.

Our tax services include:

  • Tax Preparation (Federal, State & Local, and International)

  • Tax Planning

  • Corporation Tax Services (Including Income Tax Provisions)

  • Partnership Tax Services

  • LLC/LLP Tax Services

  • Individual Tax Preparation (Including Tax Services for US Citizens living Abroad)

  • Estate and Trust Tax Services

  • Non-Profit Organization Tax Services

  • Business Acquisitions and Mergers

  • Tax Controversy Services (IRS Audits, Back Taxes Owed, IRS Notices, etc.)

An audit of financial statements is the inspection of a company’s financial statements or that of any other legal entity, resulting in an independent opinion on the financial statement’s relevance, accuracy and com- pleteness. Our business auditing services provide businesses with an objective evaluation and consultation to improve company operations, efficiency and general effectiveness.


Our personnel have extensive experience in auditing and serving nonprofit, governmental, small business and for profit organizations. We understand the applicable auditing and reporting standards for your organization and the regulatory environment in which you operate. With our prior experience and the clients to which we provide professional services, we know we can meet your audit requirements on a timely and cost effective basis.


Our services include:

  • Financial Statement Audits

  • Financial analysis and document assembly for other auditors

  • Analysis and review of operational controls

  • Fraud Examinations

We know the importance of providing quality service and quick responses to your questions on tax and ac- counting matters. Our company provides a full range of accounting services including:

  • Financial Statement Preparation

  • Payroll Services

  • Balance Sheets

  • Income Statements

Tax Prep. & Planning


Auditing Services


Accounting Services


Our professional business formation services include set-up of new business entities, assisting with articles of incorporation and article of organization. We rely on our extensive experience and continual education to determine the optimal route for business formation and solution for your company.

We assist our clients in selecting the appropriate business entity, carefully selected based on each individual business's requirements. We weigh out various business options and work closely with your legal council to help you select between the business entities available:

  • Corporations

  • "C" or "S" Corporation Creation

  • Sole Proprietorship Creation

  • LLC/LLP Creation

  • Partnerships Creation

  • Family Limited Partnerships Creation

  • Articles of Incorporation


Business Formation


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